Sand Tigers and Megladon Teeth hunting


Sand Tigers Day 1/3

We will head out early in the morning to do 2 deep dives on the wrecks that is home to the Sand Tigers of North Carolina. There are regularly seen sand bar sharks as well as lots of big fish. The sand tigers are surrounded by bait fish and are quite placid animals so easy to photograph. We will go further out 

Meg Ledge Day 2

Leaving early we will head to the Meg Ledge some 50 miles out from shore. 3 dives hunting for these treasures you will show off and talk about for years to come, after all, these teeth have been buried for millions of years.

Arrival and Departures

arrive the day prior to the first day of the trip. Departure can be anytime after the evening we arrive back to shore, around 5pm, however, accommodation is provided if you wish.

Accommodation, flights and weather.

Shared accommodations are offered and included in the trip cost,  there are local hotels if single accommodations are specifically required. North Carolina diving is extremely weather dependent. we have chosen the summer months due to water temperature and hopefully lower winds. Our boat operator isn't like some others in the area, we will go out in seas others wouldn't, as long as it is safe to do so. however, safety is our main priority. Flights should be booked into Jacksonville, NC NOT florida. ideally changeable and refundable flights are recommended. If we are blown out by weather there will be a 50% refund as there are set costs which we have to cover and we cannot control the ocean.


$2500 all inclusive