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'From a very young age I loved the water. I loved swimming and soon enough I was in the big boys league of competitive swimming, but it was a snorkelling trip on holiday that would change my life and take my interests from the top of the water to the colourful and beautiful world that lay deep beneath those swimming on the surface. School taught me lots more in Marine Biology as my fascination grew. 

In 1997 I finally got to strap on some tanks and dive. To say I was hooked there and then would be a massive understatement. From that very moment I could think of nothing other than being deep underwater. This was my world!

I knew that if I applied myself and attained the correct skills, then my enjoyment would grow with my ability. I passed ranks quickly, and today I dive as a Master Instructor.

As with every passion, it is a great joy and unbelievable privilege  to be able to share it with others. I love seeing divers faces when they surface from a dive after facing a huge tiger shark or Great white shark. Having a shark of that size within hand reach is an experience everyone should enjoy in life.  Photography has always been a passion, above and below, today my current personal camera is the Canon 5d MKVi in an Aquatica housing and I switch to the Red Epic in a gates housing when shooting on location. Location shoots have included several Blue Planet II sequences, Nat Geo Wild segments as well as shark week and several BBC shoots. These days, no matter which rig I use on a dive, everyone knows it as my ‘baby’.

I want to share a part of my world. A world of misunderstood creatures, a world of dives that 99% of people would fear and that only 1% are lucky enough to have the privilege to make. I have now been fortunate enough to dive some of the world’s finest locations, places that, just a few short years ago, I could only dream of visiting. I have met some truly wonderful, talented divers over the years that I am now proud to be able to call friends.

My love for sharks grows ever deeper with every dive and I share my passion and knowledge by visiting schools and educating the children on these awe-inspiring animals, as well as hopefully inspiring the next generation of Master Divers! 


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How did we get started?

Shark Diver Travel was founded and is ran by Leigh Cobb. 

Where do we travel to?

We travel to some of the most majestic dive sights all over the world to dive with a wide range of species. Including- 

Palm Beach, Florida



Coco Island

Costa Rica



Bahamas- Tiger Beach 

North Corolina