Whale Shark & Manta



Every Year hundreds of whale Sharks and Manta Rays migrate to a small area off the coast of mexico. Attracted by the massive plankton blooms, they stay at the surface eating the plankton all day everyday.  Our trip will take you to see the largest fish in the ocean for three days. Leaving early every morning before the tourists arrive, we will leave the dock and travel up to the site where we will meet the whale sharks and manta. This trip is limited to 8 onboard and is snorkelling only. We will swim and freedive with the whale sharks and manta for the whole time whilst in the area. Park rules dictate we must leave by 2pm but we will be one of the first boats there to avoid the rush. This will ensure maximum enjoyment and great photo opportunities.

We aim to take care of absolutely everything you could need to make things easier and to keep the group together. We do not publish a cheap price and then make you arrange everything. The cost of the trip includes your airport transfer to hotel, accomodation the night prior and the final night of the trip (4 nights) all boat costs incl food and drinks onboard and your return to airport transport. You will be responsible for your airfare and food only.



$500 deposit followed by 2 x $500 payments.

To reserve your place email Leigh@sharkdivertravels.comE